​"Helping them find their way home."

GPS rescues, cares for, and rehomes guinea pigs when their owners are unable to any longer. Our goal is to offer a better option to kill shelters and also to prevent the wrong people from "adopting" them from online ads, simply to feed them to pet snakes, sell them to a lab, or sell them for their own profit.

Our adoption fees are designed to be less than what pet stores typically charge, making it not only a
conscientious choice, but also a more affordable option.  We want to encourage adoption over purchasing in any way we can! "Adopt, don't shop!"

We screen our adopters and also follow up with them, to ensure the pigs are adjusting well. We remain available for questions and concerns, even after adoption, and ask that if the adoption isn't working out, that they are returned to the sanctuary in order to be safely rehomed again. Our goal is to find a loving forever home for the pigs to live out the rest of their natural lives with love and care. We want to do whatever we can to support those who choose adoption.

Our funding comes solely from adoption fees and generous donations from caring people like you. Over 90% of that funding goes towards vet costs to help those pigs who come to us in dire need of medical help. The fees adopters pay and the donations you make really do save lives! Those with the highest need are often featured in the pop up banner that appears when you first come to the site. You can designate your donation to a specific pig's care by adding a note to your PayPal donation via any of the DONATE buttons on this site.

Thank you for supporting us in helping them find their way home.


Pet adoption is always the best option, no matter what kind of pet you are looking for.  To view available pigs, visit our Pigs for Adoption section. We are constantly working to keep this up to date, so visit often to see the new pigs arriving!

We have a "no pig alone" policy, which means we adopt out in pairs or more. Singles are either bonded together or adopted to homes where there is already a pig who needs a friend. Unlike pet stores, where you have to purchase and hope for the best, we work with you through the bonding process and only finalize things once a bond is secure. If it doesn't work, you can bring that piggy back and try someone else. Our bottom line is ensuring the well being of the pigs!